• prime lens is only used for focal length
  • zoom lenses are uses for variable focal lengths
  • kit lens is a basic lens that comes with a camera body in a kit
  • 17mm is used for architecture, landscape pictures
  • 50mm is used mainly for street documentary
  • 100mm is mostly used for portraiture
  • 200mm and 300mm is always used for sport, birds, and wildlife
  • high ISO means it will be more sensitive to light
  • if their is less light you will have a higher ISO
  • shutter speed is how long your shutter is open
  • the 180-degree shutter speed rule means the shutter is half a circle 180
  • shutter speed needs to be double the frame rate
    • typically the frame rate is 30 frames per second
    • shutter speed 1/60 of a second
    • tripods are used for still photography
    • we uses tripods so their is less shake when the shutter speed is lower than 1/focal length
    • aperture also known as the f-stop
    • focal length divided by lens diameter
    • A smaller number actually represents a large opening
    • larger aperture and depth of field:
    • the white balance is used to adjust how color looks
    • most cameras have presets like daylight, cloudy, flash, and various indoor light
    • the camera has many different modes like M, Av, Tv, and P
    • the full auto mode does everything for you

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